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How to get even more from your new website…

2 improvements you can make right now to make your website more effective in bringing clients to you.

You’ve got a great website that will help you build your business.  Here are a couple of things you can do to improve it immediately.

Tip #1

75% of internet searches are done on cell phones or mobile devices!

Making your site mobile friendly will help your website in two ways:

  1. Websites that are not mobile friendly get penilized by Google!
  2. If your website is not mobile friendly potential clients will get frustrated and go elsewhere.

Making your website mobile friendly will increase how many clients find you through Google.  And those clients will feel more comfortable and will stay longer while using your website.


This is an example of a smart phone displaying a non-responsive website.  Notice the navigation at the top of the page runs off the right side along with the whole page below the navigation.  In order to read or move from page to page, the user must swipe left and right.

This is an example of a smart phone displaying a responsive website.  Notice the page is completely showing left to right and does not run off the page to the right.  The user does not have to swipe left and right to read the page. The navigation is fully available to the user by clicking top right.


Tip #2

Having your own logo on your website improves Customer Retention!

Your logo is a big part of building your brand and helping your customers remember you.

Your want your clients to return to you, not your competition.

This is an example of a the free website on a PC without the logo at the top in the header area.

This is an example of a the website upgrade on a PC with the logo at the top in the header area.

Upgrade now

Here is an opportunity to upgrade your website so it will work harder for you and save money!

Included in the upgraded website is the ability to upload your logo in the header of your website AND your website will have upgraded designs that are Mobile Friendly that will look better on smart phones and to not be penalized by Google!

Regular Upgrade Price:

Setup:  $250.00

Upgraded Website Hosting:  $24.95/Month

Special Upgrade Price:

Setup:  $0.00

Upgraded Website Hosting:  $19.95/Month

This special pricing is only available on this page.  Once you leave, you will have to pay the regular price!

By taking advantage of this one-time offer, you will save $250.00 setup PLUS you will save $60.00 per year on website hosting fees!

* This offer is only available on this page!  Once you leave this page, the offer is gone!